Monday, September 21, 2009

Garage Sale!

So, this past weekend, we did not go to the hospital!!! We decided to have our last garage sale (at least for a while) to get rid of all the stuff that we had stored in the basement, so that Jason could have his desk back and would be able to have a place to study! The yard sale was a flop and with all our stuff as well as Jessica's, Mary's, Jenni's and Mom and Dad's, we made a total of less than $50 on Saturday. But, we did get most of the stuff moved out of the basement because we loaded it straight from the driveway to the van and took it to Goodwill! A long day, but definitely worth the time and energy! Here are some pictures of Jason's desk now that it is finally uncovered. We made it out of boxes and stuff. We even put some shelving in for his books!

Annie with her daddy!

So, here are more pictures of our little cutie! Enjoy!

Brittany's mom made the little pink slippers out of the fabric she used to make the bridesmaid dresses for our wedding two years ago.

On Thursday morning, Annie spit up a ton of blood after eating. We don't really know why, but we think it was either my nipples bleeding or that she had a nose bleed during the night and swallowed all the blood. Either way, we are glad that she hasn't spit up anymore since!

Also this week, Annie went on her first stroller ride and did very well. She started fussing after a while, but after a little repositioning, she quieted down again. She loved being outside and seeing everything! She also liked the cute little shoes Brittany's mom made for her!

And more pictures!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Annie Pictures 1 month old now!

So, this past weekend we were home!!! Not in the hospital which decreases our weekend hospital percentage from 75% to 60%. If Annie avoids the hospital for two more weeks, then we will have had more weekends at home than in the hospital!!! Annie did get thrush this past week, so she is now on Nystatin and will be for a few weeks but we hope she will recover quickly. Annie is officially one month old yesterday, so growing fast and we are still getting used to having her around!

Brittany's mom came and visited for a whole week right before our Labor day weekend fun so we didn't get a chance to post those pictures, so here they are!

Annie does the Zoolander face all the time. It is so cute!

Brittany's brother is on a mission in New York and so we sent him this picture!

Our little cutie pie!

One of Jason's law books in comparison to Annie...yea, it's a big book!

Jason and Annie! Annie loves her daddy!

Smiley little Annie!