Sunday, May 23, 2010

Latest Happenings

So, it has been months and months since I have posted. I don't have tons of time right now, but I at least want to get a bunch of pictures up here posted and give a brief update of what has been going on here.

Jason just finished his first year of law school! Congrats Jason!!! We are very proud of him. We don't know his grades yet for this last semester, but will probably find out in the next month or so. Jason has a few weeks off, and then will be taking 6 credits over the summer and has a few job possibilities...we'll know soon which ones he will have for the summer and fall.

Brittany has been looking for part time work at home and has had a couple of leads but nothing has worked out yet. She spends all her time caring for Annie and trying to keep her fed, forcing her to sleep, and trying to get stuff done around the house at the same time...never getting everything done...but there's always tomorrow right?

Annie is now a little over 9 months old. At her 9 month doctor's appointment she was about 16 lbs, still has a huge head (according to the stats) and is about 30% for height and weight.

In March, she got really constipated. After 5 enemas in 1 weekend, 4 tsps of Miralax and 4 oz of prune juice daily for a week, she had everything out of her system. She then got sick the next week and had severe diarrhea...which led to blood in her stools. So, that second week we ended up at the doctor's office 5 days in a row (3 times on one of the days), since she started out with a high fever, then ended up with the bloody stools by the end of the week. During those 5 days, we had to take her to the emergency room, again, so that she could be hooked up to an IV for fluids and antibiotics. With the diarrhea, she got dehydrated - who would have guessed? - and since she wouldn't drink water or Pedia-lite out of bottle, Sippy cup, or syringe, we had to take her in to get fluids. All in all, she lost a little weight from those strenuous weeks, but then gained a pound in a month. She is now back on track as far as gaining weight - so hopefully we can stay out of the hospital!

As far as Annie's achievements, she now crawls very well, can pull herself up, and walk holding onto a couch, box, or finger. We expect that she will be walking very soon since she tries to stand every once in a while, but has not yet figured out her balance. She can eat almost anything SHE decides she wants to eat...of course, that does not include most baby foods...she prefers to eat off her tray herself. She loves bananas, corn, and cereal (rice, oat, barley, or cream of wheat). She still doesn't sleep through the night, and still cries herself to sleep for every nap and at night, unless she falls asleep eating and sometimes in the car. The books claimed she would learn after a week or two, but she definitely did not. She still breastfeeds every 3 hours and 2-3 times at night.

Our most exciting news is that we are moving to an apartment on June 11th!!! It is a gorgeous 3 bedroom apartment right next to the light rail (so, Jason will be able to take the light rail to and from school and work since it is within walking distance). The apartment has a gorgeous kitchen, plenty of room for us, and a separate room for Annie!!! We are super excited to have our own place, but are very grateful to the Meyers Family for housing us for the past 10 months.

So, we had a little photo shoot today after church and Jason took a ton of super cute photos. We couldn’t resist since Annie looked so cute in her little yellow dress. I had to put a lot of the ones he took today on the blog since they were so cute…but don’t worry, I did manage to leave a few off  Enjoy!

Pics October 2009 thru April 2010

So, since I haven't posted pics in a while, here are a few to update you!


Eating an Apple

Barbequing with Daddy!

Helping daddy study for finals!

Our little swimsuit model!

Christmas Pictures - 2009!

Playing with Daddy!

Helping Mommy with the Laundry!

Goofy Faces!

"Does this diaper make my butt look big?"

Annie's Christmas Outfit - Our little cutie pie!

Halloween Costumes - October 2009 - We dressed up 70s style...Annie was our disco ball!